Revelation 12:11 (ESV)
11 And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.

June 18, 2016


Hey Joel, I just wanted to message you to thank you for tonight. (I was the girl you prayed for at the very end.) 


As a 3 year old girl I was raped by both my father & grandfather. Then my mum re married when I was 7 to a man who went on to rape and abuse me for 5 years of my life. My mum allowed it to happen, so much so that my stepdad would pay her to leave and she would. My sister ended her life in 2012 and that is when I decided to fly to Auckland to live at the age of 16. I didn't know anyone here at all. I simply found a flat on trade me and enrolled myself in high school. I thought I was on the right track, I got into media, began to get a following from acting/TV presenting and then I went to Bible college. I started an organisation to help people without a voice with a friend from LA and it went crazy. I received awards and commendations and even the news papers, magazines & TV shows were covering what we were doing. I shared parts of my story thinking I was over it however, I soon met a young girl with a very similar past to mine. I began mentoring her & last year she committed suicide. She messaged me right before she did it and I saw it but I didn't reply in time. From that moment I left church and spiralled out of control. Fighting self harm and suicidal thoughts, guilt from the young girls death and revealing the shame I still carried from what happened to me as a child. I have shut absolutely everybody out of my life who knew any of my struggles, I didn't open up because my name was known as someone who carried hope and I didn't even know what hope was anymore,


As I mentioned when I came up for prayers I had been in a coma most of last week after attempting to take my own life. I had overdosed in a forest & not told anyone at all however someone biked past me as I was slipping unconscious and called an ambulance. I was in the coma for 4 days before waking and when I did, I was so mad that I hadn't succeeded. Doctors told me 20 more minutes unfound and I would have been dead. My work place & flat mates freaked that I had disappeared off the face of the planet and called the police making a missing a person report in which the police told them that I was in ICU in critical condition. As I don't have anyone on my next of kin (I've had no family since I was 16) the hospital were not allowed to tell anyone what happened so I got away with telling every person that it was my heart that put me in there. Because of my heart condition they believed it. Not a single person except hospital staff knew what really happened.


When I left the hospital on Saturday last week I began to again plan how to take my life properly and ensuring that I do not get found before it works. Tonight I was actually driving, with a rope in my car to go and hang myself. That's why I was so far away from home (I live 35 minutes drive from that church) and as I was driving, I came past the church. I don't even recall parking my car and walking into the church, but I walked out a different person. I tossed the rope to the side of the road and I drove back home. Tonight, there is now no doubt in my mind that God saved my life and he used you to facilitate that. Thank you.


So many parts of your sermon hit me hard; especially the part on forgiveness. Tonight you spoke on that boy forgiving his abuser, and the power in forgiveness. Tonight I forgave my step father and my granddad as I drove home. You prayed that guilt and shame would leave and as I acted on that in the car, it did. I broke down at the feeling of relief and peace I experienced when forgiving the men who abused me. I also forgave myself for the young girls death and wow, the extreme peace and love I felt when I did!


Tonight as I lay in bed I feel so at peace and have no urge what so ever to hurt myself. Thank you, for playing a huge part in not only saving my life tonight, but enabling me to do things that have the power to permanently break my mindsets.  Apologies for the novel, I just wanted you to know the full impact of what happened tonight & I am too excited to not share it!!




A daughter or God - Auckland, New Zealand

September 30, 2016


Hey Joel, I wanted to tell you this but the first or second night when you laid your hand on my head I started to cry so much, I didn't know what that was. But then I relised that I was flooded in His presence, then He spoke to me and said and your mum is being healed this very moment. My mum was still in hospital from her surgery's so I prayed for her to get better so she could go back to the happy mum that she was. Then when I got home, she was up on her feet after being sick for weeks on end. That was the best thing ever!! My prayers were answered at youth camp 😁😁😁😁😁 thank you for that awesome time Joel

    Aida Stonehill - Brisbane, Australia   

September 28, 2016


Hey Joel, Thank you so much, you prayed for my jaw this afternoon and the pain has decreased dramatically! I have been having jaw problems for about 3-4 months. Before you prayed I could fit two fingers in between my teeth vertically and it was extremely painful. Now I can fit 4 fingers and the pain is 85% gone. Thank you so much!!

Aimee Knechtli - Noosa, Australia

June 16, 2016


Hi Joel, I was at Majestic last night and put my hand up for healing for an intense continuing pain in my leg. Today there is no more pain at all and I just wanted to share that, as no one knew I was even in pain. Thanks so much for an amazing evening!

Sonia Everitt - Christchurch, New Zealand

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