After a radical encounter with Jesus, I was set free instantly from severe depression, anxiety and fear. Since that moment I have had a passionate desire for people to encounter that same Jesus not just in word but experientially as well. I am now living in South Africa as missionary with my husband Joel, and I have given my whole life to know Jesus and spread his name throughout the earth. My prayer over both myself and you, is that you fall hopelessly, head over heels in love with him all the more each day. I truly believe that we have not yet seen even a glimpse of the precious things God has in store for us as His beautiful bride. Joel and I have seen many healed of chronic illnesses, deaf ears opened, sight restored, break through in the most hopeless situations, people set free and lives changed. We could tell testimonies all day about the glory and goodness of our King. But really, it is just all  about Him, simply being with Him, this is what His heart longs for, and what we were designed and destined for.

XX Sav


"When you stand in the shallows of the ocean, you have to fight with the waves for control, but when you are fully immersed you become one with them. Holy Spirit is the same: full immersion is the only way, a life fully submitted to the waves of His beautiful love"


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