We believe that the time has come and is now that the Children of God are being revealed.. We are on the brink of the greatest move of God that our world has ever seen. It is not going to look like the past... it is not going to be just the famous preachers, evangelists or prophets. But the Sons and Daughters of God starting to live like we are supposed to. We want to activate the body of Christ to be all that she is called to be. Releasing faith and freedom wherever we go. The gospel is not just concept and theory but should be experiential as well.

Check out the Vision for what we have planned for 2018 


Our mission Statement is this


- The rich the poor, the weak the strong, the famous and the forgotten.. The love of Jesus is for all people.  All will know his Name. -


We will be attempting to achieve our mission through these different avenues..


  1. Through our itinerate Ministry                                                                                                                                                              We love the global church family and relish opportunities to teach and equip all believers for greater levels of ministry impact within their communities, cities and nations. 2017 saw us visiting 7 countries, 19 cities and over 40 different churches, conferences and training schools. 2018 so far has us heading to Denmark, The Faroe Islands, New Zealand, USA, Guatemala, Philippines, Australia and of course our work in Africa.                                                                                                                                                         We would love to be able to go wherever there is need – regardless of whether expenses can be met. From the jungle of Africa to the streets of Bulgaria. We DO NOT want to just go to the places that can afford it – with help from you, our partners, we will be able to take the Gospel to wherever we are called. We are already working on plans to be able to head to Russia, The Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and India either this year or 2019.


   2. Youth of Africa 

      This year we plan to set up a youth organisation called ‘Youth of Africa’. Win-Raise-Release is our vision. Win a generation for                Jesus, raise a generation in unity & release a generation for influence. Africa is one of the youngest continents in the world and on          its way to being taken over by Islam. It is thought, many Christian Missionaries have stopping coming to Africa due to lack of funds,        but the Muslims are using their money to build mosques, infiltrate and influence from the top down. 


So for Youth of Africa our number one mission will be to win generation for Jesus. 


      Young people are the future of any nation - if we can win their hearts for Jesus they can win their nations. Our dream is to hold                mass rallies in stadiums & fields in each of Africa’s 54 countries. Of course this is a big vision that will take some time. We will start        in South Africa and as God opens doors we will continue to expand into other African nations.


      To give you an idea…The Durban Cricket stadium holds around 12,000 people and will hopefully be the site for our first event. We          will need $40,000 (AUD) just for security, cleaning and stadium hire plus other necessary costs for such a massive event. We                  estimate needing $100-$150K AUD to hold a 2-3 day event – which we believe will see thousands come to Jesus, get media                  attention in the nation and will launch Youth of Africa with bang!  


Youth of Africa will raise a generation in unity! 


     We believe that we are better together. The Bible says the World will know who we are as Christians by the love we have for one             another - how we treat and work with one another. To achieve the mission we plan to work with local churches of all different                   expressions to help bridge the gap between us so that we can advance the Kingdom. Savannah says that “although we a victorious       in Christ, while we stand divided, we stand defeated”.  We will work with the local churches to bring unity to the body to that we can         shine the love of Christ and win a generation for Jesus!


Release a generation for Influence. 


    Winning people for Jesus must go hand in hand with Discipleship. We believe this is best achieved in community and local churches.      We plan to work unified with local churches in ministry training, and leadership development to raise and release this generation with      a focus to advance the kingdom where ever they go. Whether they end up in full-time vocational Ministry, the Arts, Business or                Government they would be successful, influential and missional as well. Taking the Gospel wherever they go so we can see Cities,          Governments and Nations transformed in Jesus Name.


  3. Rural evangelism

    We will go into poor and rural areas with the Gospel, food and clothing. We hope to start working with existing programs in the areas      of feeding the poor, door to door ministry, praying for the sick, health and medical aid. We also would like to eventually start bringing        missions teams over as opportunity arises. We also hope to hold Gospel and Healing Crusades in these areas - in fact anywhere we      sense the Spirit leads us to do them. In this we will again partner with local churches for volunteers, follow up and discipleship.


  4. Ramsey Mission Base

    The final thing we would love to work towards is the Ramsey Mission Base in South Africa. This will be a large communal house and      property where people can come live long or short term to be trained in intimacy with Christ and equipped for the work of the                    ministry.  Hopefully a place where up to 50 people at a time can be.  That may sound crazy -  but in Africa it’s extremely achievable        because of the low cost of property and housing. There are many great properties and we are believing that God will provide for us        at the right time for the right mission base.


In conclusion… 


    We carry this vision in our hearts and hope to make significant steps towards these dreams in 2018. This year we hope to be hiring        our first employee to oversee the work on the ground and all potential missions trips within Africa. This is very exciting for us as we          expand and build a great team of people to achieve this vision God has given us.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We are in our infant stages with big dreams and believe God has a plan. We              know there are so many great visions and ministries where you could put your money, prayer and involvement but if you sense in            your heart a resonation with the above vision there are a few ways you could partner with us..


There are a few different ways you can partner with us and the vision God has given us.


1. The first is through your financial support. 

However you feel moved in your heart to give – together we are better. No amount is insignificant - whether you are able to give a one off donation or a weekly amount.  Also, if you would rather give towards something specific we are currently looking for a vehicle to be able to get into tough areas and carry groups of people on mission trips.


2. The second is through your prayers.

We believe that prayer is one of the most powerful tools in the advancement of the Kingdom. We would love you to join our prayer team. We would send through specific prayers requests as circumstances arise as well as needing you to regularly seek God on our behalf for wisdom, insight and protection. We also have many people contact us with specific prayer needs for healing that we would love you to prayer with us for.


3. Your involvement.

Throughout the years there will be possible opportunities to be a part of short term ministry trips as well as missions trip into Africa. If you would like to be informed of when these trips are and how you can be involved please let us know and we will be able to keep you up to date as the opportunities arise.

If you interested in more of a long term on the ground involvement with what Ramsey Ministries is doing in South Africa we would love to hear from you and work out a plan for you to be involved.

All our Love

Joel & Savannah



© 2019 Ramsey Ministries

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